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About the Fireproof Situation of Axminster Carpet

The yarn of Axminster carpet is made of high-grade wool and nylon, and it has the natural flame resistant properties. Our raw materials are finest wool imported from New Zealand and UK, and high quality Solutia 66 nylon from United States, through the special weaving; our products meet the National fireproof: BF1. Meanwhile, we are one of the earliest carpet manufacturers that got the CE certificate. Our flame-resistant meet the European Union requirements, which is the strictest standard in the world.


We promise all of our products meet the national fireproof standard and CE requirements.


The Characteristics of Axminster Carpet


1. Construction of Axminster Carpet

According to weft density, Axminter carpet can be divided to 777879710711 etc. The first number is warp which is the quantity of warps per inch; the last number is weft which is the quantity of wefts per inch. The bigger weft density, the more tightness carpet. Because of special weaving, Axminster carpet is the most closely machine woven carpet with the handmade carpet.


2. Application of Axminster carpet

The loop of Axminster carpet is thick and solid; and the pile is mostly pure wool or a blend of wool & nylon,adding ingenuity design and fine weaving of carpet,all these factors decide the upgrade quality of Axminster carpet. Usually, Axminster carpet is used in star hotel guest rooms, corridors, banquet halls, bars, meeting rooms and other places.


3. The characteristics of Axminster carpet

- Good elasticity , highly comfortable, long service life.

- Excellent flame retardant and antifouling effect.

- High quality and unconstrained style


4. The general indice of Axminster carpet

Our yarns are usually blended with imported New Zealand or United Kingdom fine wool and United States Solutia 66 nylon. The pile weigh≥1250G, the pile height≥7.5mm, the total thickness≥11mm, the total weight≥2200G, the width: 3.66-4m.


5The anti-static function of R-Griffith carpet: We guarantee that our carpet will be anti-static all life . Even though it is used in dry condition, the electric charge of our carpet can be assured under the influence value of human body.


6. The excellent resistance burning function of R-Griffith carpet: The European CE certificate has been obtained. The certificate is the strictest security authentication in Europe. Moreover, our carpet achieves the grade B1 of national fire control.


7. The environmental protection function of R-Griffith carpet: Our carpet has gained International Advanced Environmental Protection Certificate and American CRI+idt interior and exterior air quality certificate.





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